Clash Royale: 3 desk to play with new updated on 4-Jul

Play with metagame is a very important thing in Clash Royale, here are 3 hottest decks in July after update balance came to live on 4-July.

3. Giant + Witch/Wizard + Bomber

This classic deck is used in all arenas from low to high. SuperCell offers many newly buff hot cards. The beauty of this desk is you can freedom to create combos and not dependent on any particular way to win.

With the Bomber and the Wizard are added, in the last update buff Royale Clash, this is a very popular deck present.

  1. – Giant
  2. – Wizard / Witch
  3. – Bomber
  4. – Arrow / Fireball
  5. – The remaining option card

2. Hog + Zap / Freeze

Hog Rider Deck still quite hot though just slightly nerfed

  1. – Hog Rider
  2. – Freeze / Zap
  3. – Fireball / Arow
  4. – Spear Goblins
  5. – Cannon / Elixir Collector / Tesla
  6. – Flying Army: Minions, Baby Daragon
  7. – AoE Soldier (Wiz, Baby Dragon)
  8. – Valk, Knights, Barbarians

Strategy: Hog + Freeze / Zap will be the main attack combo in this deck. Hog can also be supported by Spear Goblins.

Double Prince PEKKA

Supercell almost want to “solicit” players to use Pekka Deck, Prince and Dark Prince when they are powerful buffs. As the Dark Prince appears almost by storm in the arena Clash Royale but led forgotten. However, after the last buff, Deck Dark Prince has returned.

  1. – Prince
  2. – Dark Prince
  3. – PEKKA
  4. – Princess/Archers
  5. – Arrows/Fireball
  6. – Ice Wizard/Minion Horde
  7. – Freeze
  8. – Elixir Collector

Strategy: You can use the 3 strongest heavily cards in your deck to organize attacks. Pekka is placed at the rear of the tower, or behind of king tower, waiting as it approached the river and drop support troops – Prince or Dark Prince (in order) on demand.

Minion Horde can also attack if combined with Freeze. Elixir Collector used in defense and gain the advantage of elixir. This is a elixir cost deck quite high but works very effective if you have good skills.

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