Guide, Tips: How to get Ice Wizard in Clash Royale

You are the Clash Royale player? Here is tips to easy get the dream card Legendary – Ice Wizard if you doesn’t acquire this legendary card yet.

Clash Royale - Ice Wizard - Legendary card

What skills and advantages possesses the special legendary card Ice Wizard?

You can find this card from Arena 5 onwards

  1. Low cost: 3 Elixir to deploy him
  2. Low time of deployment: 1 second then he can join the battle
  3. Special Ability: slow down the attack speed and movement of the enemy

The tremendously low cost will allow you to use it both as a defensive troop, either as offensive troops. Even the Princess has weaknesses points:

  1. Low attack speed
  2. Low Health Points
  3. Low movement speed
  4. How can i get it?

Mainly the chance to get the legendary cards is really low, not for this, however, it is possible! Follow carefully this guide here in the bottom to understand how to get the Ice Wizard in Clash Royale:

  1. It is quite hidden as a feature, but the chances of finding the princess inside the Free Chest (unlockable every 4 hours) are much higher than other types of chests;
  2. The Chests of the Crown, Silver, Gold and Giant can drop the Ice Wizard;
  3. The chance to get legendaries cards from Magical Chests upward, start by 37% and reach 80%;
  4. Getting Super Magical Chest does not guarantee you to find the Ice Wizard;
  5. Follow the sequence of chest cycles discovered to understand when to find a Magical Chest or a super Magical Chest;
  6. If you are in arenas higher than the 5, get back to arena 5: unlocking chests in this arena you have more chances to find the Ice Wizard;
  7. You cannot find the Ice Wizard in the shop;

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