Tip: Summoners War – Top 10 monsters 3* you should have

Are uou a newbie of this game and no strong monsters to form a strong team? Have you played for a while but have no great natural 5* monster? Calm down, you can refer and try to feed one of 10 monster 3* below.

3* monsters can be very easy to find, train and up skills, awaken.


1. Light Inugami / Belladeon


Light Inugami monster is indispensable in your team. Easily earn through Sunday secret dungeon. You should try to spend one Sunday to spy secret dungeon and begged other players to make friends to own it soon. Since this is the first hot wolf that most players are used in the late game. Featured skill number 1 of Belladeon is breaking. To remove all buffs of the enemy by skill number 2. And skill number 3 will increase 30% of power bar and recover health at same time for your teams. Set of skills are versatile, Belladeon has always been one of the more extreme monster used in arena, dungeons, ToA, guild war, and to the late game. As easy to make and strong, so you try to find and grow it up for your team as soon as possible.

2. Light Warbear / Ahman


Bearman light is one of 3 most wanted light monster. And it is very easy to farm one by secret dungeon. The most striking feature is skill number 3, after awaken. After awake, it becomes Ahman with new skill no3: Each time attack with critical hit will recover 12% HP of Ahman for all allies in your team. So, Ahman is built with rune of Violent + Energy full HP. Rune at slot no 4 should be Crit Rate x%, that makes critical rate of Ahman to 100%, and your team will get recover HP every his hit.
Violent rune helps him force to get turn. If he is built with good runes set, he can save all your team in danger match. Let’s build Ahman about >30k HP and you will see the benefit. Each his hit, your team will be recovered 3-4k HP, continuously thief turns and recover HP make your team become nightmare for your enemy.

Skill No2 takes damages by max HP của Ahman so with HP build is a big punch with this skill.
Skill No1 has provocative effect. (if enemy provocation, it will be used to assess skill 1 to Ahman – useful when having these guys are healed which was provoked)
Ahman monster is also used frequently in the Arena, dungeons, ToA, guild war, and late game.

3. Wind Griffon / Bernard


Wind Griffon can be summoned from Unknown scroll, or farm from Tamor scenario map. After awaken it named to Bernard. Bernard is used a lot in Dungeon, ToA, Arena and Guild War. Featured Skill 3 of Bernard will help to increase 30% attack power bar, buff attack speed for 2 turns, for all allies in your team. Skill 2 has effect to decrease attack accuracy and defend of enemy (Our attack cause more damage, and enemy attacks cause less damage). Skill 1 is an normal skill and has not much to say. Skill 2 and 3 are the most benefit of Bernard to support your team.

4. Light Vagabond / Darion


Easily to farm in secret dungeon in Sunday. He has a good skill to help team decrease 15% received damage. Skill 2 let him attack twice a turn and decrease enemy’s attack rate. Skill 1 is big deal with enemy team because it decrease defend rate, damage by max HP of Darion. If you build him with full HP, he can be a revenger for your team. He is useful in def Arena and Dungeon, ToA, Guild War. He is a featured soldier of a poor team to auto play in Giant Dungeon B10.

5. Water Mystic Witch / Megan


This small witch is a hot supporter monster. Her skill helps to raise 20% attack power bar, buff attack and defend for all allies in team for 2 turns. You should build her follow speed way. She will buff speed and attack power for your team at start match.
The disadvantage point is her can be only summoned by scrolls.

6. Water Epikion Priest / Rina


7. Fire Inugami / Raoq


8. Light Werewolf / Eshir


9. Light Grim Reaper / Prom


10. Fire Griffon / Spectra





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