Tips: 10 tips for new player in Clash Royale

These easy tips will make new novice players to improve skills in Clash Royale.

Many gamers toddler in Clash Royale will probably not know what to do in the mobile storms game of Supercell. This article will guide you step by step on the way to conquer the higher Arena in the game.

1. Sticking to the new join provided desk

Let’s look a proper deck and do plenty of practice with it. Do not be impatient to change the cards after each defeat. If you are a beginner, you should try to get acquainted with the post in the picture, it is quite appropriate to play in Arena 1 and Arena 2, even if you combine Arena 3 cards with each other well.

But I sure, though with a strong desk, you also will not be able to play well if not learn and practice with it. It will take times to learn your strengths and weaknesses of each card and the cards processing solutions that competitors offer.

2. Use reasonable Gem

Unlike gold, there are quite a few ways to collect gem in Clash Royale, so do not waste it to open the chest type. Instead, use the gem to buy 4 cards conventional type (common), 1 Rare card (rare) and 1 premium cards (epic) if you do not already own them. If already there, use the gem to be convertible into gold.

3. Identify attributes cards

There are many things you have to get used in Clash Royale, there may be things easy and some difficult things, but at least learn to recognize the right type tanker cards, cards to the type flying, cards which could be close trade lane, .. etc .. By recognizing the basics, you will naturally know how allelopathic most rival cards into the match.

4. Avoid the mistake

Only a few missteps, you may have to lose a match. “Duh! I throwed a Fireball late, now that Barbarians are blood preen crown tower”. The most obvious mistakes may include the use of miss cards the target orientation, using Elixir not calculated and improper use of the card in order to fight with the enemy. There are many mistakes that you may have, so please keep your head cool, calm and calculating each step, or go rest for a while if you feel uncomfortable after a defeat.

5. Patience

Some common mistakes made in new players is that they are often the rivals before ejaculating. Just roll out the cards can and hope to be able to rely on the majority that wins. Unfortunately, the results are often seen as rivals carve out the cards and killing all the soldiers, as well as office and home of these players.

So please be patient to give the enemy the previous post. This will help you to calculate how allelopathic opponents as well as the long-term advantage. Furthermore, the game lasted until 3 minutes so you do not have to rush at all. Even if the enemy broke a protection office, continue to calmly wait for the mistakes to create opportunities “flip truss”. Should only play faster as the match drew to a close, but your opponent to be left too far.

6. Pay attention to the Elixir bar

Do not use Elixir in a hurry unless you are required to do so. Opponents must look cylindrical protective blood cells and the main house that can not do anything about it because not enough Elixir is a feeling that “privation” that no one wants to go through. So be very careful to use Elixir, especially in the first 2 minutes of the game, because this is the stage where Elixir recovered very slowly and opponents will put pressure on you to give an edge in this period .

7. Get Free Chest

Spend a little time each day logging into the game to receive free chest. This way you will collect enough gold and add items to upgrade without costly investments.

8. Join A Clan

Try to join the clan as soon as possible. There are many benefits when you are a member of a certain clan, including the card you can apply all of the other members and exchange their unused cards with them to get the experience and gold. This way you will level up faster than playing alone. If lucky, you can get used to a few other interesting players. If you play well, the most powerful clan joined the game does not matter.

9. Train drag and drop

By drag and drop cards to where you want them to appear, you can add a handsfree operation anymore cards, not to mention dragging help you calculate the direction and force opponents time was coming, thus creating an advantage in battle.

10. Learn to play the game from the best players

You should follow and see many videos from Youtube channel of Chief Pat’s Channel or GamingWithMOLT to improve your self.

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