Clash Royale: Balance changes coming at 8/24

SuperCell has just updated their works on Clash Royale about balance changes coming at 8/24.

With this new updates, the meta P.E.K.K.A – Double Prince still the hot combo to beat your opponents.

In this round of balance changes come the Royal Giant, several of the Legendary Cards and much more!

Royal Giant: Hit Speed decreased to 1.7sec (from 1.5sec)
– We like that the Royal Giant is a strong and relatively easy to use offensive option. However, he’s too strong right now – this change will allow him to stay relevant, but make him a bit easier to deal with. Additionally, his first attack will happen a bit slower.

Zap: Stun Duration decreased to 0.5sec (from 1sec)
– Zap is highly used at all levels of play and currently offers a bit too much versatility for 2 Elixir.

Princess: Area Damage radius decreased by 25%
– We’d like to make the Princess slightly less reliable at clearing up everything in the vicinity of her target.

Ice Wizard: Hit Points decreased by 5%
– Considering how much control he offers, the Ice Wizard is a bit too tanky for his 3 Elixir cost. He’ll still be very strong at the back, but doesn’t offer the same value in the middle of the action.

Miner: Deploy Time increased to 1sec (from 0.7sec), Hitpoints decreased by 6%
– We’re fixing an unintentional Deploy Time change, and in doing so making the Miner a bit easier to react to once again. Additionally, it’s become clear that the Miner is quite strong and could do with being toned down a notch.

Baby Dragon: Hit Speed increased to 1.6sec (from 1.8sec)
– A faster Hit Speed, including a quicker first attack, will make the Baby Dragon more reliable.

Dark Prince: Damage increased by 7.5%
– The Dark Prince’s stats aren’t quite on par with some other 4 Elixir options. A small damage buff should make him a more viable alternative in both defense and offense support.

Bowler: Elixir cost decreased to 5 (from 6), Hitpoints decreased by 7%, Damage decreased by 10%
– A lower Elixir cost should allow for some interesting Bowler synergies to become viable. We’re taking a bit of damage and hitpoints away from him to help compensate for this pretty big change.

Lumberjack: Speed increased to Very Fast (from Fast), Hit Speed increased to 0.7sec (from 1.1sec), Damage decreased by 23%
– We’d like to differentiate the Lumberjack from the Mini P.E.K.K.A a bit further, as both are 4 Elixir, high damage cards. This change should help them fill quite different roles in your deck.

The Log: Cast time decreased by 66%, travel speed increased by 20%
– The Log needs some love. This change will make it more consistent and reliable. (Note: We have some other tricks up our sleeves if this isn’t enough, but they are only possible to implement with a full update)

Golem: Hit and Death Damage increased by 5%, Hitpoints increased by 1%
Golemite: Hit and Death Damage increased by 8%, Hitpoints increased by 3.2%
– At 8 Elixir the Golem needs a lot of power to feel viable – these changes will hopefully get it there!

P.E.K.K.A: Damage increased by 5%
– P.E.K.K.A has quite low use rates across the board and could do with some more muscle! We’re also making her first attack happen a bit quicker.

Tombstone: Spawn Speed increased to 2.5sec (from 2.9sec)
– We’re looking to give the Tombstone more utility in both offense and defense.

Archers: Damage increased by 2%
– This tiny damage increase is just to fix an inconsistency with the Archers vs. Goblins interaction at certain levels.

Prince: Damage increased by 2%
– This tiny damage increase is just to fix an inconsistency with the Prince vs. Barbarians interaction at certain levels.

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