Pokemon Go: Women outnumber men by a huge margin

The number of young female players in Pokemon Go now proved superior to men.

SurveyMonkey has recently published the data analysis from the result of an online survey about Favorite Pokemon Go in the community. The data was also inspected by Forbes. And the survey were classified according to the percentage of people playing Pokemon criteria were age, gender and income.

As the data shows, the proportion of female players in the US reaching 63%, almost twice that of men. John Hanke – CEO Niantic – although very excited, but he did not give any comments yet on this issue, because according to him, Niantic not quite holding databases and personal information of players.

Average every 2 females, 1 male play Pokemon Go

“We do not require players to provide accurate data on gender, so they will usually analysis by a third party performed on a basis other than through Pokemon Go” – emphasized Mr. Hanke , “but we still feel excited to hear this.”

Besides, the majority of players are all aged 18-29, the rate reached 46%. Pokemon Go seems to attract more young girls compared with men because of the “cute, accessible, easy to play” the game.

So is SurveyMonkey’s data (and Forbes’s analysis of it) accurate? Broadly, yes, most likely. Down to the percentage point? Almost certainly not. But what we can take from this is a pretty reliable sketch of who is playing Pokemon Go, and the answer is almost definitely: lots of dudes, yes, but way more people who are not dudes. Smashing.

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