Simple and Quick Arcade Puzzler – Triangle 180

Triangle 180 is a minimalist puzzle arcade game for smartphones offering quick rounds of gameplay that players can go through at whatever pace they choose.

Developed by Fingerprint Studio, the goal for this game is to attain as high a score as possible by connecting the dots and drawing triangles.

1Triangle 180 starts off by showing a jumble of dots of different colors spread out on a pale screen. Players must press and drag their finger from one matching dot to another until they complete a triangle and are awarded points.

Players have 60 seconds to play before the round ends and their high score is saved. Players will have to use different strategies to increase their score, depending on the random layout of dots. Creating consecutive triangles of the same color will start a combo, while creating a larger triangle will “capture” other dots within for smaller bonus points. This capture method allows players to use randomly generated power-ups for extra time or as a wildcard dot.

Within December, Triangle 180 will update to allow for added features like winter holiday themes, more booster items and power-ups to uncover, as well as a leaderboard to compare high scores with other players from around the world. Triangle 180 is currently available for iOS and Android for $1.99. To learn more about this, and future Fingerprint Studio games, follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

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