Super Mario Run comes to iOS

Last week, the most famous game by Nintendo – Super Mario Run has landed to iOS platform.

Nintendo - Super Mario Run

This game is really fun addicted game.

Childhood is not only a complete reproduction of vivid, simple gameplay, entertaining, trendy image to sound great gaming experience with one hand extremely comfortable, fun and special you will take a long time to discover all the games and maybe even then, you will not stop playing.

Super Mario Run

Game interface

Game interface is quite simple with the basic main menu. The first time running game, you will be asked to create an Nintendo if you have not got one yet, to connections with friends, completed the challenges. Then we will be instructed to try to play, control the game.

The main part of the game is a map with 6 worlds, each world has 4 stages: 3 normal stages and 1 stage to fight with boss. Very similar to the layout of the map in the past. The difference thing are more simpler and shorter hours.

Game is free to download, and you can play for free first 3 worlds. Then we will need to paid to unlock more area via IAP. Price to unlock all 6 worlds is 9.99$.

Super Mario Run

Experience in one hand is very good, easy to control, just to feel like Mario in the past, but very refreshing and entertaining

Before this release, we need to install a simulator to play old Mario game on your mobile. But that is hard for normal user, and user experience is not good with a simulator.
Now, it is easy to touch and play Super Mario.

Super Mario Run

Game play

Có lẽ Nintendo hiểu được điều đó và họ tiết giảm việc điều khiển tới mức tối giản nhất có thể: chỉ cần chạm lên màn hình và tùy vào chạm lâu hay nhanh mà Mario sẽ bay cao hay thấp. Mario bây giờ sẽ tự động chạy từ trái qua phải, tự động leo qua các chướng ngại có độ cao 1 ô và thậm chí là tự nhảy qua những con quái hoặc cụ rùa. Cái chúng ta cần làm là chạm vào màn hình để Mario nhảy lên ăn đồng xu, nhảy lên các ống,…

Perhaps Nintendo understands how hard we play in traditional game in smart phone. So they reduce the control to minimize the possible: simply touch the screen and depending on how long we tap, Mario will jump fly high or low. Mario now automatically runs from left to right, automatically climb over obstacles and even jumping over the monsters themselves or tortoise. What we need to do is touch the screen to make Mario jump up and eating coins, jump on the tube …

Mario Run still give you a full feeling of playing Mario many years ago, Mario still eat mushrooms so loudly, still step on the monster, still eating coins, … Everything about the game content is stored again like before. And even to kill bosses when we have modeled in the past.

Phần âm thanh, nếu bạn nào đã chơi game những game Super Mario sau này thì sẽ quen với Super Mario Run. Các tiếng nói của Mario, nhạc nền của game đều khá vui tươi, sinh động, tất nhiên là khác với các bản nhạc nền huyền thoại hồi xưa mà chúng ta chơi trên NES.

Sound, if you played other newer Super Mario, it may be familiar with Super Mario Run. The voice of Mario, soundtrack are quite playful, lively, and difference with the legendary soundtrack that we played on the NES, of course.

Super Mario Run

Coins and Challenges are things to hold you in game Super Mario Run

While trying to eat as much as possible normal gold coins. Each game stage has 5 special purple coins. This is probably one of the most challenging of the game. We should try our best to eat all of special coins.

Mario will constantly running from left to right, avoiding the obstacles were difficult, discovered a special coin usually located in positions “insurance” was difficult. Purple coins are changed positions each time play to make more difficult to obtain. Therefore, I absolutely have the right to doubt that it will take quite a long time we finished off the game.

It is still unclear is the future launch Nintendo has added the new game screen or release any additional game mode or not. But if that did not complete all the games with him, Super Mario Run still is a game full of entertainment that we can go out to play on mobile phones.

Matching with your friends

Super Mario Run

Game also has race mode between players. You will run a race with a random opponent to see who eat a lot more coins in each stage. This is not real-time match, your opponent will be the first players, and you should try to break your opponent achievement that has been achieved. The winner will receive the money in the game, used to build your own base: buy houses and decorative objects, …

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