The Last Dream Comes True For Specialbit Studios


Specialbit Studios, a Ukrainian game studio of three, is bringing a game of love and loss to the world through the often misunderstood power of dreams. Well, a dream. The Last Dream, to be exact.

In The Last Dream, players are visited nightly by their wife, Elizabeth, who died in a car crash. She seems to be trying to reach out, to say something, but it’s not clear what that is. One morning, something from one of the dreams appears, and gives a clue as to what the player must do. As the player follows this and other clues, reality begins to blend with dreams, and a strange, fantastical world takes shape, one that appears to be equal parts dream and nightmare.


The Last Dream is an adventure game that mixes traditional 2D art with Full Motion Video clips, occasionally using both in the same scene, with the goal of finding what happened to Elizabeth. Like most adventure games, gameplay consists primarily of exploring the environment through clicking, interacting, and using items that have been gathered. There is also a cat who assists the player, though it is not clear in what way the cat actually helps.

The Last Dream is currently going through Steam’s Greenlight program intending to release on Windows and Mac, so those interested can vote for it. For more information about The Last Dream, or Specialbit’s other games, visit their website; for details specifically about The Last Dream, there is a dedicated page.

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