Top 5 attractive games mobile from Korea

In this post, we introduce you the top most 5 attractive games mobile from Korea.

Korea has many famous games for PC. They also have a good games industry with thousands of gamers.
Now, they are changing to make games for mobile.

Bellow is information of 5 games that really good to play:

Legion of Heroes

Legion of Heroes is the MMORPG game mobile, with 3D graphics and turn-based gameplay. It is developed by team that makes MMORPG Atlantica Online. The Director of Legion of Heroes project is Mr. Kim Teagon, who was the Director of Atlantica Online.

The English version of Legion of Heroes was introduced at end of 2014. And now Legion of Heroes has many player enjoying it’s strategy gameplay.



Raven is a MRPG game developed by STPlay, a game studio by Netmarble Games (Korea). This game is developed in 3 years with high-quality graphics and gameplay emphasis on action.

This game once rocked the village of mobile game in Korea with achievement became the most popular game titles Korean App Store after 1 launch date. After 10 days of launch in Korea, Raven has attracted 3 million downloads and daily amount of players at the highest point is 1 million. These are achievements that Raven became village monument of Korean mobile game at the end of last year.

Currently, Netmarble Games are testing the English version of Raven globally under the name EvilBane: Rise of the Ravens. Expected, EvilBane: Rise of the Ravens will be officially launched in Q2 of this year.


Heroes of incredible Tales

Similarly to Raven, Heroes of incredible Tales (HIT) is a game of action RPG with gameplay elements insist on the same action and high quality graphics platform. The official version of this game was released in Korea last year.

According to the introduction of Nexon, HIT is a game of RPG genre geared toward hardcore users. The strength of this game is beautiful images, smooth motion and eye-catching skills.

HIT was developed based on Unreal Engine 4, one of the best quality game development engine, at present. The head of the HIT development team is Mr. Park Yong Hyun, who participate in the development of the online game Lineage II and TERA.


Crystal Heart for Kakao

Crystal Heart (or Crystal Heart for Kakao) is a mobile game developed by DMK Factory and released in Korea by NextFloor. Crystal Heart is first mobile game developed by DMK Factory but with the depth of high quality in terms of content.

This is a game of tactical RPGs, players will form teams of 4 people to complete tasks and challenges in the game. The highlight of the Crystal Heart than the mobile game launches in recent times is the graphics are designed in bright and cute cartoon style.



Durango is mobile online games are attracting the attention of many gamers in recent times. This game developed by What! Studio with the participation of the members of each participating development Mabinogi Heroes MMOARPG (aka Vindictus). Context of Durango promises very attractive to take players back to the dinosaur era.

Players in Durango will have to live in a world with many different types of dinosaurs. To survive in Durango, you need to know to work together to livestock, crops and even dinosaur hunting.

Currently, the Durango is ongoing trials in Korea. However, the good confirmed news is Nexon will release the English version of this game after the release version of the Durango commercialized in Korea.

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