Clash Royale: Tournament Tips and Tricks

Tournament System is a relatively new feature added in Clash Royale. So how to better experience this game mode?

Tournament will allow players to organize or participate in one tournament, now directly in the game. Unlocked when players reach Level 8, to create 1 Tournament will cost Gem, but participants will not lose anything.

Winning the tournament, players will receive attractive prizes, the special Tournament chest, it is not the same and involves opening the chest while the other normal.

The matches in the Tournament can be viewed directly by selecting the red yeys icon before the name of the player, who is participating in the Tournament.

It is considered as one of the core features help towards becoming Clash Royale mobile eSports.

How to join a Tournament

You will quickly realize that most of the tournaments will be full and you are very hard to join. So here are some tips you can first try to improve the ability to join a tournament.

  1. Refresh and Retry again and again

    You need to be very patient. Be constantly refresh and Join the tournament until you succeed. When first joining the tour failed, press refresh (click on the magnifying glass icon) immediately and join again in another tournament. Do not try to join another tour the below list.
    When you get into the tournament and joins you do not like, you can get out and try to join again in another tournament.

  2. Turn off GPS

    When Clash Royale allowed to uses GPS to locate your device, it will suggest the tournament is taking place around you. Turn off GPS or disallow Royale Clash to access GPS, it may suggest you many more tournaments.

  3. Don’t read the tournament details before you joined it, except capacity

    Be trust me, you should try to join a tournament immediately when list of current tournaments displayed. Don’t think anything, don’t read anything, or you will miss it. Just quick look to capacity to not try to join full filled tournament.

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