Review ‘Ramboat’ [iOS & Android]

A good ol’ fashion mobile arcade game is hard to come by these days. Well, at least one that suits my flavor.

The classic mobile games such as Jetpack Joyride or Gravity Guy were some of my favorite games to cover with its action-packed gameplay yet simple controls and relatively short successive sessions. I came across Ramboat, and never looked back since.

Ramboat is an endless side-scrolling shooting game where you’re an action hero on top of a running speedboat. Each round feels like a high speed chase, as you are ambushed from all angles. Paratroopers are falling from the sky, enemy boats and aircrafts are sending out missiles, and even submarines are coming from underneath. Not to mention the water mines you need to avoid.

As you’ll notice, a lot is going on and players are simply tasked with blasting away their enemies while dodging enemy attacks while surviving as long as possible. You must be within reach in order to target your enemies. Controls require only one hand as a tap and hold will propel your boat forward, releasing your finger will drift the boat back, and swipe gestures will allow you to jump or dive momentarily under water.

Each run will provide opportunities to complete a series of missions in order to increase your military rank and enemies will drop coins, intended to be used for this metagame’s characters, vehicles, and weapon upgrades. Over time, your basic little speedboat can evolve into new methods such as a fierce shark. Missions rotate once you’ve completed the entire set of four, where they range from “collect 2,000 coins” to “take out 4 helicopters in a round”.

As a free-to-play game, there are periods when missions include a “grind factor”. As you move up the ranks, missions such as “unlock and play as the vehicle Shielded Police” requires 10,000 coins to unlock. Although there are various ways of accumulating coins, including a 5-handed poker game for bonus items, it does feel like a long-winded goal to attain. Other advertising experiences are included such as “watch a video”, but the caveat here is that you receive a bonus health point at the end of the round.

Overall, if you’ve enjoyed the likes of Jetpack Joyride and ready to try something new and refreshing, Ramboat by LevelAppStudios is a great alternative. It is a surprisingly complete package with enough variety in the gameplay mechanics to keep it separate. The simplistic nature of the game may not suit everyone’s taste, but I’d recommend having it for those moments when you’re looking to kill some time. Plus, it’s free!

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