Review: Summoners War – Sky Arena

Summoners War is a tactical RPG 3D Korea are very popular in Asian countries.

Summoners War

Although the game was released a long time ago, in 2014, but so far, Summoners War still has a certain appeal to the gamers prefer tactical RPGs, high intellectual nature through each match.

Game Story

The context of the game is set in a land of peace, magic is something very normal here. But since Mana Crystals Crystal revealed the immense strength that completely destroyed the peaceful life which has upset the people here.
Celestial Arena, an arena is designed to resolve the dispute here, the way it appears similar to Summoner’s War arena of League of Legends. Each who attend have their own ambitions, k E will decide the game winner, the loser would vanish into nothingness forever. You – the main character while being a summoner, accidentally pulling this arena, and the only way to escape is to master, to restore order to the land.

Summoners War


Gameplay of the Summoners War: Sky Arena is a blend of turn-based role-playing style, is quite similar to the famous game Hello Hero, and mix little construction elements of SLG line.

You will spend most time on the home front, where you and your animal gods located. Here you can carry out the construction and upgrading works, as well as to summon and evolution of spirit helps us become stronger on the battlefield. This is also the main screen will show after every game or every time you sign in, you will have to coordinate a reasonable way its resources, solid rear forward to win for sure.

Summoners War
Summoners War

As for the game, as mentioned above, players will control the their animals god to attack the enemy. There are about 1000 animals / monsters in the game to win, owns and is divided into five properties: Fire, Wind, Water, Light, Darkness. 5 properties of monster shall follow the rules of mutual restraint.

Summoners War

Fire is strong against to Wind, but is fear of Water. Wind will easy win a batter with Water. Light and Darkness shall mutual restraint each other and neutral with 3 other properties.

Besides, each animal god would have two interesting main skills, depending on the type of animal as well as the system that it possesses characteristics and skills that can be divided into various stretches from the defense, to heal attack. Although low levels in the animals you will be quite annoyed skills akin to each other, but at the beginning obtains the rarer kinds of skills they are kind of unique with eye-catching effects and unexpected effect.

Summoners War

There are many ways to summon, spirit animal tame. You can give gifts to your friends and get the opposite, till the whole map and dungeon or use the mystical scroll. The beast and god are ranked from 1 to 5 stars demonstrated strength. Alternatively, if the buddy list of up to 50, you will get a rare animal spirit is very valuable.

Summoners War

The battlefields of Summoners War: Sky Arena, gamers can challenge other players to show strength and their power. The charts can be changed in days. You can also refer to the lineup and tactics of other players in just a few easy steps.

Friends, Guild

The interactive features are also quite complete in the game. You can make friends with other players, and can participate in the chat channels within the gaming community for discussion.

Bạn cũng có thể mượn monster từ friend của mình để join vào team bạn cùng chiến đấu trên chiến trường.

Also features complete guild, you select a guild that suits you and work closely with allies to fight with other guilds to gain commensurate rewards.

Summoners War


There are many kinds of battlefields for you to try.

– Classic type – scenario map, so you can fight wild monsters, the tactics of Com2uS under increasing difficulty.
– Dungeon map, divided into different categories. Each type of difference is one challenge for each attribute of the monster. And you’ll also get the corresponding reward if the win.
– Climbing tower, you will participate to climb to the top of the tower the most difficult game, when to be a higher level, you have to spend effort and certain tactics can go forward.
– Sky Arena: You will fight with other players to increase your performance rating, ranking over the world.


Com2uS is one of the famous developers, although the number of their game is not much, but enough to crush quality number.

Summoners War brought a beautiful magical world and familiar, you’ll find somewhere silhouette of titles associated with childhood here. Graphics are meticulously cared, no 3D the edges as other mobile games, lighting effects, explosions while performing extremely voyeuristic skills. Besides, when gamers will experience many close-ups of different locations, while fanciful, bright moment always feels new.

Summoners War

Background music in the game is not much but enough to create a fascinating atmosphere. Another gripe is the volume too loud sometimes that pressure off the sound effects from other factors. In addition, the relatively smooth gaming experience even on machines with 1GB RAM Android only in effect when the game is a lot.

Game events

To attract and hold the players, gaming system events are also held quite regularly. Daily, weekly events are small, or large, so you can participate and win exciting prizes for your effort.


Coming from a developer’s reputation, and the world community highly appreciated Vietnam. Sophisticated features and attractive enough suitable for both hardcore gamers and casual experience. If you’ve been enthralled Hello Hero, the Summoners Wars: Sky Arena should definitely have in your phone.

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