Reviews ‘Angry Birds Fight!’ [iOS & Android]

In case anyone thought that the Angry Birds series was not all it was squawked up to be already, they have recently released a new mobile title that plays much like Bejeweled.

That’s right; instead of the usual tossing about of our round, bird-shaped heroes at pigs and barrels, we get to line up rows of three or more in a 45-second all-out war to see who can quickly match the most.

“Angry Birds: Fight” is a change of pace when compared to Rovio’s typical line-up for these characters. You play by swiping the birds to get them to swap places, and once you match up rows of three or more, the birds disappear and new birds fall into place at the top. Each match is less than a minute long and ends with a fight scene at the end. How well your bird does in this battle depends on your bird’s level, what gear your bird is equipped with, and how well you actually did in the 45 second match-up jamboree. The gameplay is relatively simple, making it intuitive to players both young and old.

What is interesting about this title is that you play other people internationally; there is no single-player mode. Unfortunately, this fact also means that this game is completely Internet-dependent. There is no offline mode of any sort, which is a shame, because it would have been nice to have had a single-player on-the-go mode for this game to allow players to practice their matching skills. This is strange, especially given that most of the other Angry Birds games are accessible at any given time. I know this is a freeware title, it may have even have been worth paying .99 cents for if it wasn’t totally Internet dependent. If you were looking to take this one on the cross-country road trip this summer, I would look elsewhere. Perhaps Rovio may consider that for future titles; this is, otherwise, a fun little multi-player game.

Continuing on the multi-player topic, the server seems to be pretty good about matching people up on level, but every now and again you might get pitted against someone a level or two above you. If you play well enough, however, it is possible to beat someone even if they are a higher level. You can also show off your skills on Facebook as well as other social media outlets and play against your friends.

Despite the Internet requirement setback, there is a lot to enjoy about this game. Seeing the birds wield wands, skillets, and plenty of other makeshift weapons is pretty comical. You get rewarded you for your win streaks, and every so often you get a chance to earn bonus gold, gems, and weapons through fights against Pig Pirate villains that will appear in between the real-time matches. You can use the coins to level up your bird’s weapons, and the gems can be used to unlock new birds or to refill your energy gauge. Each bird has a unique ability; for example, Chuck, the yellow bird, can put holes in your opponent’s field, making it harder for them to make matches.

Of course, like most freeware titles, there is a limit or a catch somewhere. The catch to this freeware title is that there is a limit to how much you can play. The energy gauge is what your birds depend on; it goes down after battles and you must wait or pay to have it recharged before continuing to challenge other players. Otherwise, you don’t have to buy gems, and can wait to continue playing.

Overall, this is a fun title. The graphics are visually appealing, the music is nice, and it is genuinely fun to play. The only drawbacks are that here is no single-player mode, and you must be connected to the Internet at all times to enjoy this title. Also, the screaming the birds make as they beat one another up sounds more like gorillas, and I wish there was a way to turn off only the sounds without silencing the music too. Seeing as the game is free, however, these are relatively minor complaints, and I would recommend it if you like fast-paced challenges and have ready access to the Internet on your device. Unlocking gear for your birds and their ship can be a fun way to spend a few minutes of the day.

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