Reviews: Pokemon GO in real life

In a short time recently, Pokemon Go is the name most sought-after titles when this is inherent Pokemon fan base long. Besides, you can participate in the real virtual journey.

Pokemon Go will use a map of the world’s major cities such as Hokkaido, Kanto, New York, Paris, … do adventure exploring the location. This makes the player can easily relate to the areas on the actual map, search and exchange of Pokemon. With this product, Pokemon Go will promote the exchanges between the game world and the real world.

“Nintendo has always seen an increase in the number of people in love with the game is the first task of the company. Pokemon Go and Pokemon Go Plus has always made me feel more one step forward in accomplishing this task and we hope more and more people find pleasure in playing Pokemon Go”, Shigeru Miyamoto Nintendo’s general director said .

He also said Pokemon Go is a free game that allows transactions in the game with real money. The transaction charge will still ensure the balance of the game, with relatively low costs, absolutely not stimulate loaded too much money players can assign winning and losing.

The good news for fans is Pokemon Go International will release worldwide and will update multiple languages for each different country.

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